Loving Lately – Valentines Day 2.14.16

Happy Valentines Day!!

Do you have anything fun planned for Valentines? Brunch plans? Dinner plans? Plans to pamper yourself?

Sam and I actually did our Valentines date last night instead of tonight. Although I am a huge fan of any day that celebrates love, for me personally going out to dinner for a Valentines date is kind of overrated.

The first year Sam and I were together for Valentines Day I made it clear to him that I really didn’t expect anything fancy. We had only been together for a few months and I didn’t think it was necessary to do anything over the top. I remember telling him that we could just order a pizza and watch a good movie. Still to this day, I sometimes prefer that over getting all dressed up and going out. Fast-forward to Valentines Day and Sam says he has a big surprise for me. He told me to get dressed up because he had gotten us reservations at one of the nicest restaurants in Tallahassee. He seemed really excited and I didn’t want to burst his bubble so I went along with the plan. Le me to tell you, it was all downhill from there.

In typical fashion, I was running 20 minutes late because I had taken forever to get ready and Sam was already annoyed by the time we got in the car. The restaurant was overcrowded, the food was a let-down and the bill was outrageous. After dinner when we got in the car I asked Sam what I had been wondering all day. “Why didn’t we just do something small at my place like I suggested?” Still to this day, his answer makes me laugh. He looked at me and said so seriously, “When I told all my friends that you said we could just hang around the house they said it was a trap. That every girl says that, but they really want to do something special.” He (and his friends) were so clueless that I couldn’t help but smile.

I tell Sam all the time that it doesn’t matter the amount of money he spends or gifts he gives me, my absolute best memories are of us just lying in bed at night talking to each other until we fall asleep. For me, those are the moments that are special. For some people maybe those moments are different. Maybe for you, going out to a fancy dinner is special and that’s ok too.

I hope that you take some time to think about what truly makes you happy and treat yourself by doing those things today. If the point of Valentine’s Day is to show your appreciation for those you love, shouldn’t you be number 1 on that list? I know how easy it is to spoil your significant other on V Day, but take some time to spoil yourself too. I woke up this morning, lit my favorite candle and enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee in bed. For me, that was heaven. Whether your perfect VDay includes brunch with the girls, a date with someone special, or even just spending a little time on yourself, I hope you get the chance to really enjoy the moment. <3




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