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I have been overwhelmingly inspired by color lately. Jewel tones, deep dark walls, even reds and pinks in the spirit of Valentines day. But sometimes there is nothing better than simple colors and clean design. Known for its stunning simplicity, Scandinavian design is just that. It is one of my favorite styles when it comes to bright and modern interiors.

Scandinavian design originated in Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway in the 1950’s and is based on the concepts of simplicity and functionality. A really good example of this style is.. you guessed it!! IKEA!! Some elements that are really common in Scandinavian design are very light wood or cement floors, a whole lot of light neutrals (think white and grey) and natural earthy elements. Plants and greenery are used often to add color and interest to the space.


The combination of the wooden beams, floor to ceiling windows and exposed brick from the building next door is just giving me life. When can I move in?! Notice the sheepskin thrown over the chair? I did this in my apartment and LOVE the look and feel of it!
dining living

I absolutely LOVE these wide plank floors. It gives the space a rustic feel and some much needed earthiness with all of the bright white around it. The cork-board wall below is also a really interesting feature. Something like this would be such a cool element in a shared bathroom2
I love the idea of simple pieces that are really functional. I think that the success of a company like Ikea proves that a lot of people want to have affordable and functional options without having to sacrifice style. Whenever I am in IKEA I am so amazed by the way that they set up the really small living spaces. It just goes to show that it is all about making the most of the space that you have.

I also think that this design style is a great option for someone who wants to achieve a “styled” home without it feeling too gaudy or glam. It can stray to the more masculine side making it perfect for a bachelor pad. Yet with the addition of textures like a rug or a faux sheepskin it can be really warm and inviting.

How do you fee about this minimalistic look?! Do you think it’s live-able?

Photos: All Images Via Pinterest

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