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Black Hallway - Black Interior Walls

Glossy black walls have always made me swoon but let’s be honest, it takes guts to paint a room black. Correction, it takes more than guts. Not only do you have to actually want to do it, but you have to convince the people you live with that it will be a good idea.But with great risk, comes great reward. I think that black walls can be absolutely stunning when done right.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that dark colors used in the right way will actually make a space look larger, not smaller. I absolutely love black walls in small spaces like a bathroom or a hallway. The glossy black of the bathroom below is such a show stopper. I feel like the combination of the decorative molding and reflective black paint is the epitome of class. It’s timeless and luxurious.

Glossy Black Bathroom - Black Interior Walls

Black Gallery Wall - Black Interior Walls

I love that in the picture above the designer hung simple black floating shelves. Because the shelves blend right in with the wall, they become negative space and really let the artwork and accessories stand out. One of my favorite YouTube design girls Mary Elizabeth recently painted her bathroom black and installed floating black shelves too. I will link the video here for you. She also spray painted her little bathroom trashcan black and played with that idea of an object becoming negative space. It just blended right in with the wall so you could barely tell it was there. I had never before thought of making an object “disappear” into the background like that but I loved how she did it.

Bedrooms are another room in your home that dark colors can work really well in. I find that people will take a little more risk in a bedroom than they would in a primary living space like a kitchen or living room. This makes the bedroom a perfect space to experiment with color. As you will see in the pictures below, painting your walls black doesn’t have to mean you will be living in a cave. Pairing black walls with earthier textures and wood like in the picture directly below can actually make the dark colored walls seem really serene and neutral.

Black Bedroom - Black Interior Walls

Black Bedroom - Black Interior Walls

And if you are feeling a little ballsy, there isn’t much more of a statement than a black living room. I think that one of the keys to mastering this look is to make sure you choose a room that is soaked with natural light. In most cases, you want your living room to be a warm and inviting space. To achieve an inviting space with such a dark color on the walls I think it is also important to bring in a lot of texture. You will notice in the two pictures below that there are soft sheepskins, rugs and fur blankets. Those textures are comforting and inviting which make the overall space feel more relaxed. Otherwise, I think the black can come off too harsh for a space that should allow you to unwind.
Black Living Room - Black Interior Walls Black Living Room - Black Interior Walls

How do you feel about such a bold wall color?! I think that when it’s done right, it is breathtaking! I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading!

Photo Credit:  StudioMTheDecoristaElementsofStyleTheSelbyRomainRicardHomedItStylizimoBlogChristineDovey

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