Summertime Blues & Whites


The past few weeks I have been really missing the sunshine and warm weather. I knew moving here that the weather would be the biggest adjustment for me. Although I had no doubts that I would miss the southern hospitality and food, the sunshine would be missed the most. The best thing about living in a warm and sunny climate is that you feel like you are on a constant vacation.

Sam and I are going to Hawaii in June and I have been literally day dreaming about it. It might just be the only thing getting me through the winter here in Chicago. I am so excited to be somewhere tropical and warm again that I have been browsing through summer clothes online and daydreaming about laying on the beach with a big ol Pina Colada. I keep catching myself thinking about the beautiful blues and whites of the ocean and the beach. I stumbled across this outfit the other day and thought it was so perfect for a beach vacation.


It reminded me of the Azulejos in Portugal. Azulejos are the blue and white ceramic tiles that adorn many buildings in Portugal. They are all over churches, houses and even subway stations. There is something about the azulejos that I find so incredibly charming. The blue and white together are so beachy and summery. Plus it packs a bit of a whimsical flair. They give you that vintage charm but can still be used today in a more modern way.

portugal tilebuildinghouse

The house above is so magical. I can just imagine sitting in the gardens on a beautiful day. It’s surrounded by such simple beauty. Talk about an everyday vacation.

For those of us who don’t live somewhere that feels like vacation all year long, there are a few ways that you can incorporate these colors into your own home to give you the same vibe. I see a ton of blue and white tile in bathrooms and kitchens. It is definitely a strong visual statement but I think that the simplicity of the colors make these tiles a little more approachable than others. Pair these tiles with a white sink and neutral colors and you can’t go wrong.


Bathrooms aren’t the only space in your home where these colors will work. I love that in the kitchen below they kept really rustic original elements in the kitchen. There are still wood beams in the ceiling and the brick that has been painted white. It balances so well against the delicate tile. I also love that in this kitchen they chose grey cabinets. The grey is complimentary to the blue and white without competing with the colors. It all works so well together. 



What colors or designs remind you of your favorite vacation spots?! Brightly colored houses like Key West? Palm Trees? Let me know below. I could use some more warm weather inspiration : )




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