Loving Lately – 2.28.16

It’s Sunday and it’s currently 63 degrees outside. I’m a happy girl : )

Sam and I are driving to Champaign tonight to watch an Illinois basketball game. Ever since we moved to Chicago we have been trying to carve out some time to head down to Sam’s old stomping grounds. I can’t wait to explore. Plus like I said the weather here is beautiful. It’s going to be a good day!

I wanted to share some pictures I took this past week at the new(ish) Restoration Hardware in the Gold Coast. I have been dying to go for a couple months now and finally had some time this week and let me tell you, it was well worth it! It is kind of hard to explain just how magical it is, but they took an old historic building in the Gold Coast and transformed it into the most beautiful showroom that I have ever seen. Plus they turned the middle of the building into this courtyard cafe that can be viewed from all of the floors as you are walking through. It is so breathtaking.


I was in love with this beaded chandelier. I swear the entire building was like visual overload. Every time you turned a corner or looked at a room from a different angle you found something beautiful. I could have spent hours in here walking around and just looking.

Every single nook and cranny was styled to perfection. Some surfaces like the one above were clean and simple, just a candle and a book or two. Others were filled with pieces that all worked beautifully together. It was definitely some good inspiration if you are trying to furnish your own space. I also happened to notice that they had crystals lying around everywhere. It was a sign : )IMG_0866IMG_0853

Like I said before, while you are walking through the rooms you can see into the restaurant in the middle of the store and it is UNREAL. Imagine having brunch in an enchanted forest. This is even better. Even though there is usually a pretty insane wait, you can sip cocktails and peruse through the store in the meantime. Something tells me that waiting an hour for a table here wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. IMG_0860

They also had beautiful rooms full of fabrics and hardware so you could see all of the different choices and finishes. I loved looking at all of the luxurious leathers and linens they had. Everything was so chic. IMG_0858IMG_0892

The children’s rooms honestly gave the adults spaces a run for their money. They were adorable and just had a more whimsical and fun vibe to them This boho themed girls room was one of my favorite vignettes in the entire store.IMG_0883IMG_0886IMG_0872

Their accessories are just SO on point. The metallic cowhide!! I literally gasped when I saw this and was just standing there thinking “Does it get any more fabulous?!” And then I turned around and saw this pink fluffy pouf. It just kept getting better and better.IMG_0874IMG_0880

I thought these chairs would be so fun for a little boys room! I loved how they styled them against these navy blue walls. I also couldn’t get over the beaded chandelier below. The lighting was awful but I took a close up picture for you too so you could see. IMG_0889IMG_0890And just when you think you have seen everything there is to see, there’s an entire rooftop garden to explore. Half of the rooftop was enclosed and filled with outdoor furniture and accessories. Outside there were gardens with little seating areas. Plus you’re in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of Chicago. it doesn’t get better than this.

Even the hallways and elevators were styled perfectly. This all black elevator had a giant gold sunburst mirror in it. By far the most glam elevator I have ever been in.

One of the main staircases was filled with all different gold framed mirrors and had these huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I couldn’t stop staring and taking pictures.
IMG_0893IMG_0901I had so much fun just walking around and looking through everything. Like I said, I could have spent hours here. Even though Restoration Hardware can be really pricey, it was still such an awesome source of inspiration. Being able to walk around and see how they set the rooms up and what different pieces they matched with others. It was really beautiful and interesting. The perfect place to spend an afternoon.

If you are visiting Chicago and are into design or even just love checking out cool places, the Restoration Hardware in the Gold Coast is a must see. I can’t wait to eat in the cafe next time I stop by!!

I hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for reading!!

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