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Happy Sunday : )

Anyone else feel like the weeks are flying by lately?! I know I say this at the beginning of every month, but I can’t believe it’s March!!

A few weeks ago I broke my absolute favorite tumbler from Starbucks. I try to be really good about consuming plenty of water throughout the day so I keep a bottle on me at all times. I had put that tumbler through hell and back over the last year and it was definitely showing signs of wear and tear. After breaking my ride or die tumbler and spending the last few weeks constantly thirsty, I really started to notice how dehydrated I was getting. In addition I was wasting money (and hurting the environment!!) by constantly buying plastic water bottles at the gas station.

This past week I was driving to meet a client and had one of those “I’m so thirsty I think I can feel my organs shriveling” type of moments. I needed to stop and pick up something to sip on ASAP. When I walked into the gas station I saw a root beer and had the strangest craving for it. I’m not a soda drinker but figured it wouldn’t hurt to have one. You can imagine my shock when I got into the car and saw this.

AW-rootbeerThat bottle of root beer was the straw that broke the camels back. SEVENTY-FIVE GRAMS OF SUGAR. That is more than 3x the amount of sugar a female adult should consume in a whole day. Seventy-eight grams of carbs?!?! That is twice the amount of carbs that a giant bowl of pasta has, and you know I love my pasta, #carblife.

I am pretty label conscious so I was really surprised by this. Granted, the only time I ever drink soda is in a restaurant so I am not looking at the labels, but seriously?! No more sugar drinks for me, I needed to get my water tumbler back.

For Christmas I had gifted my brother and Sam Swell bottles. I had heard a ton of great things about them and once I did a little research I thought they would be an awesome gift. The Swell water bottle is literally the Cadillac of all bottles. They are made of a super lightweight stainless steel shell that keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. Their claim about being able to keep your drink hot for 12 hours turned out to be the understatement of the century. Sam and I swear that our coffee is hotter after 3 hours in the bottle than it was before we poured it in. It’s insane!! Also, by using stainless steel instead of aluminum your water and other drinks won’t have that metal taste that aluminum bottles give.

Even cooler is that Swell has a serious mission to give back. They work with UNICEF to provide clean drinking water around the world and even partner up with charities to help give back. For example, every time one of the wood grain collection bottles is purchased, American Forest plants a tree. I love supporting companies that are helping to make the world a better place!

Sam had been raving about his bottle since Christmas and after stealing it a few times I had really fallen in love with it too, so last week I finally decided to order one for myself. I got mine delivered this weekend and I haven’t been able to let go of it. There are honestly so many things that make it the perfect bottle to carry around with you. I love that it has a small opening so you don’t feel like you are chugging out of a Gatorade bottle. The bottle itself doesn’t sweat AT ALL even if you have a drink with ice inside. Six hours later your ice cubes will still be whole and your bottle will be dry to touch on the outside. I also love that it closes tightly so I can throw it in my bag and not worry about it spilling on something. Plus, with about 38740274290 color options the possibilities are endless. Check out some of my favorites below!


I know that a water bottle is one of those items that you hate the thought of spending money on (or at least I do), but a quality bottle like this is SO worth it. If you keep it by your side it will keep you hydrated and stop you from making bad drink decisions just because you are thirsty! Almost all of the 17oz bottles are $35 which I actually think is an awesome price. The metallic ones are a little more expensive at $42 but are so beautiful. My bottle in the picture at the beginning of this post is the regular gold one! They also have 9oz bottles and 25oz bottles. Side note – the 25oz bottles will hold an entire bottle of wine! Picnic anyone?!

 If you are interested in checking out Swell and their bottles you can check out their website here! Do you have any tips on staying hydrated aside from carrying around a water bottle?! Let me know below!! Have a great week & thanks for stopping by!

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