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When you are decorating your space it’s always tricky trying to decide which items you should spend a little more on and where you can save costs. I always have friends telling me that they want to re-decorate or do something to their apartments but they are afraid that it will cost a ton of money. I’m here to tell you that it you don’t have to break the bank to add some spice to your home.

Art, rugs, plants and lighting are some of the easiest ways to spruce up your space and IKEA has you covered on all bases. I am a huge fan of IKEA and have been for years. They honestly make amazing products and their prices just can’t be beat. Does it take a little bit of time to assemble everything? Yes. But I would rather pay $20 and spend 5 minutes of my day screwing a lamp together than go to CB2 and spend $120 for the same lamp.

If you are looking for same ways to cut costs IKEA is a great resource.  Here are some of my top picks for affordable lighting from IKEA.


The shadow that this light creates is SO beautiful. It would be perfect for a nursery or children’s room because it is so whimsical but I have also seen it in dining rooms and living rooms and it has looked really modern. It’s super versatile. Side note, this one does take forever to assemble.KitchenPendants

I LOVE these pendant lights. I think they are perfect in a kitchen and can add an awesome pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. Plus they are $14.99. UNREAL.

These lights below are part of a new collection from IKEA that is really earthy and all about texture. I love the boho island vibes these lights give. They would be perfect for an outdoor space or to add a little warmth to an otherwise cold space.


Wall & Ceiling Lights - Ikea


The floor lamp above is one of my all time Ikea favorites. They make it in a ton of different finishes and I love the scale of it. It makes a huge impact in a room. I also love that this black version looks super industrial and pairs so well with woods and lush fabrics.desk

I love both the small desk lamp version of this light and the floor lamp. It is simple but charming and the gold and white finish make it neutral and easy to put in so many different spaces!


Floor & Table Lamps


I am always amazed at how big of an impact a light fixture can make. It can literally change the vibe of an entire space. Plus, with the price of some of these lights, it doesn’t have to be a costly project! Writing this post even has me thinking of changing up the lighting in my own apartment. What about you?! Do you have any spaces that could benefit from the addition of a cool lighting fixture!?

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