Loving Lately – 3.14.16

Happy Monday : )

After work yesterday I ran to Home Depot to grab some supplies so I could finish up my bar cart DIY, which will be coming to the blog soon! While I was in Home Depot I wandered into the garden section to check out what they had. I have been stalking garden centers lately trying to find a fiddle leaf fig for my apartment. Fiddle leaf figs can be really expensive, especially if they are mature. I have been trying to find a little baby one that I can grow over the next few years.

I seriously had to pinch myself when I spotted the cutest little fiddle leaf fig for $10. TEN DOLLARS!! I was so excited. Keeping it alive will be a whole other challenge. Fiddle leaf figs are known for being a bit temperamental but since it was such a good price I figured I had to give it a shot!


Fiddle Leaf Figs love light so I knew there was probably only one spot in our apartment where it could work. This little corner of our living rooms gets a steady stream of light throughout the day so I was hoping it would be enough for our new little tree. As luck would have it though, we haven’t seen sunshine in Chicago for the past few days so I have had to resort to other measures to make sure the tree is getting enough light. Day 2 and we are still alive. This is promising.


I also stopped by my favorite resale shop in Chicago to try and see if they had anything I could use for my bar cart and I hit the jackpot. I swear, thrift shops have the best collections of glassware and decorative vases. Sometimes all it takes is a good clean and they look brand new! I found a decanter, a vase and a little bowl for lemons and limes and ended up paying $11. The vase was originally a tarnished silver so I spray painted it gold (like everything else in my life). I love how it came out!


I can’t wait to show y’all how my bar cart came out!! I have had so much fun with the project and am SO happy I decided to DIY one instead of just buying one from the store. It has so much more character and is truly unique.

I hope you had a good weekend too! Thanks for stopping by!

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