Top Trends for 2016

I stumbled across Pinterest’s list of top trends for 2016 and even though I’m a few months late I thought it would still be fun to share these with you! What I love about the list of trends is that it wasn’t one person or even a small group of people who decided what the trends would be. It was us! Pinterest took the most reposted and shared pin’s and narrowed down some of the top trending styles for 2016. And let me tell you, they are good : )

This first trend, along with a few others on the list, has been around for a little bit. I love the look of Scandinavian design so it’s no surprise to me that Scandinavian Inspired Dinning Rooms topped the list of trends for 2016. The clean lines and simple colors are clean and refreshing. This is a trend I am totally digging.

ScandiDinning2ScandiDinning3 ScandiDinning1

Along the same lines as the clean and simple Scandinavian designs, Black and White Living Spaces with Organic Elements are also trending for 2016. I think that the “organic element” part is SO important when trying to nail this trend. I love black and white. Like I REALLY love black and white. It is timeless, simple, clean, classic, elegant, the list goes on and on. But black and white can also be extremely cold and harsh. You need to throw in some earthy elements like woods and soft textures to warm the space up a bit. I am in love with the black cabinet and marble countertop combo below.

Black&White2 Black&White3 Black&White1

Gunmetal aka dark gray is supposed to be everywhere this year and I think that prediction is spot on. Cool toned neutrals took over in 2015 and dark gray was no exception. With the introduction of new gun-metal kitchen appliances and the positive response to this new finish, kitchens everywhere could be getting a dark gray facelift. There is a lot of chatter about whether this finish will be the one to boot stainless steel out of its top spot when it comes to kitchen appliances and I have to say, I like it. Plus I have heard that they are much easier to clean and care for than stainless appliances, so that is a win in my book!

Gunmetal2 Gunmetal3 Gunmetal1

So far we have talked about neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals. All you color lovers, have no fear! Graphic and Colorful Throw Pillows are another huge trend in 2016. I personally LOVE this trend. I think that so many people are afraid of using color in their home, which is understandable. Using something as easy to change out as a throw pillow gives you the option to add some color and fun to your space without making a huge commitment. Society 6 is an AMAZING online store with tons of graphic pillows that are really affordable if you are looking to spice up your living room!

GraphicPillows3 GraphicPillows2 GraphicPillows1

Sticking to items that are colorful and fun, African Inspired Textiles are also predicted to make their way onto the design scene this year. Aside from the impact that these patterned pieces can make on an otherwise boring space, I think it is super cool to draw inspiration from other cultures. You would definitely have to have the right space to use pieces like this, but I think they could work beautifully in the right surroundings.

AfricanTextile3 AfricanTextile1 AfricanTextile2 Woven Wall Hangings are another interesting trend for 2016. To be honest, I had never even seen one of these before looking at Pinterest’s predictions. With that being said, I couldn’t believe the amount of pins I found when I searched for “woven wall hangings”. Somehow I missed these hitting the scene but they definitely have arrived. Once again, I think these could look great in the right space and would probably be really easy to DIY for some affordable wall art.

WovenWallDecor1 WovenWallDecor2 WovenWallDecor3

For the last two trends we are going to be talking about big impact items, the first being Geometric Tile. Tile can make a huge statement, especially in a good size space. I am a huge fan of making a statement like this in a bathroom or another small space in your home and I think these trendy geometric patterns are definitely eye-catching. I see geometric tile as being a little more modern and I think it could pair really well if that’s the vibe you are going for. I love the black white and gold bathroom below. All the gold fixtures are on point.

GeometricTile1 GeometricTile2 GeometricTile3

Last but certainly not least, Wallpaper Murals are expected to be trending in 2016. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise seeing as wallpaper has been trending for the last few years. However, doing something like this is pretty bold. I do love the whimsy of it and I think it is perfect for a nursery or a child’s room. I have also seen some bedrooms I liked with beautiful ocean scenes which I can imagine would be very relaxing. But this trend is definitely for the more adventurous homeowner.

Wallpaper3 Wallpaper2 Wallpaper1

Do you have a favorite out of these trends?! I think mine would have to be the graphic throw pillows, because I think it is an affordable and easy to change option (which is important when you think about “trendy” items). What do you think?! I would love to hear your feedback below!

As always, thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend : )

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