Number #1 Mistake While Washing Your Face


While chatting with the dermatologist at my last appointment, I was completely shocked by some information she shared with me. Two months before the appointment, I purchased a Clarisonic. I really noticed the positive impact it  made on my skin. I have always suffered from acne and recently I’ve had a lot of trouble with texture on my face. I had all sorts of bumps, whiteheads and blackheads. TMI, I know. Long story short, we were discussing the importance of washing your face, especially before bed. My dermatologist then went on to say “I’m still shocked at how many of my patients tell me that they wash their face with hot water”.


In my head I was thinking, “doesn’t everyone wash their face with hot water?” I told her that I did and she went on to tell me how awful it was for your skin. She actually said that it was probably the number one mistake that people make when washing their face. I could not believe it! I am 25 years old, have been seeing a dermatologist regularly since I was 15, and no one has ever told me that you shouldn’t wash your face with hot water! So here I am, telling you.

Since my appointment, I have done some research on the topic. I really wanted to know why it was bad for your skin and if this was an opinion shared by the majority of dermatologists. Most of the research I have done absolutely supports what my dermatologist said. Washing your face with hot water not only strips your skin of healthy natural oils, it also causes redness and inflammation. Your skin relies on those natural oils. Even taking a steamy shower can be really detrimental to your skin, especially in the winter.

Is anyone else surprised by this information?  I was especially entertained when I turned to my boyfriend while writing this and shared the information with him. He said “Well duh. My grandma always used to tell us hot water was bad for your skin.”

Is it just me?! Have I been living under a rock?! Comment below and let me know what you think!

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