Color Crush – Navy Blue


I LOVE  a deep Navy blue. I think it looks so luxe and rich in a home. It is a color that you can use in almost any space. Dinning rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms; the list goes on and on. I personally have always thought of navy blue as a very classic color but hopefully this post will show that you can use navy in a more modern way. I have been seeing navy everywhere lately and I was super inspired by Emily Schuman’s navy dinning room when I read her new book last week.

I love how navy looks against beautiful deep hardwood floors. The more rustic, the better. The juxtaposition of such a sleek color and the graininess of the hardwood gets me every time.  Both colors are deep and rich but I think it’s a very approachable look. The white staircase below against the navy walls is just such a showstopper. 

entryway bedroom

I have been seeing a lot of navy lately combined with white and yellow and I think it is so modern and chic. Blue and white together are obviously very classic but when you add the yellow it becomes fun and playful. I had never thought of painting my radiators before but the living room below has almost convinced me that I need to. What an awesome splash of color.
livingroom bedroom2 livingroom2hallway

How gorgeous is this wall sconce?! The chair and the sconce literally look like they were made for this little nook. It’s so striking at the end of this hallway.

I am also obsessed with the contrast of the white decorative ceiling in this room against the navy walls. The built ins are so linear and masculine and I love how it plays against the whimsical ceiling. Plus, the gold light fixture is to die for. I have been seeing a ton of kitchens lately that are mixing blue, white and gold (or brass). Even though it is pretty daring to go with colored cabinetry, I think it looks beautiful.


Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a great week!

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