Loving Lately 4.10.16 – Netflix Documentaries

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Recently, Sam and I made the decision to cancel our cable. We aren’t home much and with all the little fee’s they add in we were paying almost $140 a month. We honestly thought it was ridiculous to be paying so much for something we hardly use. Surprisingly, it’s been a really good thing. Sure I have been a little bummed about the fact that I can’t just turn on HGTV whenever I want and I know that Sam is missing watching sports games, but it really hasn’t been that hard to adjust to.

We have instead spent some of the evenings we have been home together watching Netflix. Both of us love a good documentary and we have seen some amazing ones that have really gotten me thinking. If I’m going to be truly honest, I don’t pay much attention to what is going on in the world. My mom is constantly urging me to read the paper or watch the news and telling me about the importance of being informed, but it is something I have never really put a lot of effort into (sorry mom). Occasionally I will flip on the news but it’s always so depressing that after 5 minutes I turn it off. I will admit though that I am missing out on some important things that are happening, and I do wish I was more educated on what is going on in our world. Here are a few documentaries that I have seen in the last few weeks that made me think (in a good way)!

Happy – I LOVED this one. It’s a little different from the two below, more of a feel good movie. Happy explores humans and our journey to happiness. There has been a huge push in the last 20 years for scientists who have been studying depression for the last hundred years to take some time and explore the opposite, happiness. This film shares some awesome insight from scientists about what in our life truly makes us happy and what is irrelevant. It also shares the stories of multiple different people from all over the world in their journey to happiness. It was so interesting to learn about being happy from a scientific standpoint and then to be able to see the journey that some very happy people have made.

Fed Up – This documentary focuses on the harmful effects that sugar has in our lives. I consider Sam and myself pretty conscious eaters. We read nutrition labels, have tracked our macro-nutrients at different points over the last few years and in general stay away from processed foods. We rarely even eat out. Surprisingly, this documentary taught me SO much that I didn’t know, not only about how dangerous sugar is, but also about the ripple affect that its damage is causing across the world. The soaring number of children with Type 2 Diabetes, the strain on our health care system and continually rising obesity levels. It was seriously eye opening and a really good watch.

Cowspiracy – I actually heard about this one through one of the makeup girls I watch on YouTube. Her and her boyfriend are both into eating very healthy and they have taught me a few interesting things. For instance, did you know that a lot of tampons contain chlorine?! Gross! But anyways, they have both become pretty much vegan over the last year and were saying that this movie was a huge tipping off point for them. It explores the impact that agriculture has on our world and the non-sustainability of all the animal products we consume. I thought this was another awesome documentary. I learned so much and after watching Sam and I decided we might even try to go vegan for a week or two and see how we feel. Obviously it would be extremely difficult and a sacrifice, we don’t take something like that lightly. But it would be interesting to see how our bodies would re-act. Plus, after watching this movie you will have to do some serious thinking about how we as humans will be able to sustain our lifestyle over the next few decades.

Have you seen any documentaries lately that have made you think!? I would love to hear your suggestions below!

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