Sink-ing Into Spring


I’m here, i’m breathing and I’m ready to inject some interior inspiration into your life. Hehehe but seriously. I know it’s been radio silence over here. Work has been crazy and I have barely had time to sleep and eat, never mind spending my hours on Pinterest “researching”.

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent a few days over at one of my clients condo’s in preparation of it going on the market this week. It is an incredible vintage condo and every time I walk through the door I find myself saying “they just don’t make homes like this anymore”. I’m turning into my mother.

My original idea for today’s post was to gather a bunch of pictures of vintage houses but they were surprisingly hard to find. During my search I tried every keyword that I could think of and ended up scrolling through “vintage bathroom” pictures. I didn’t find too many good options but I did manage to find something even better. A TON of really unique sink ideas.


Both of these sinks are GORGEOUS. I love that in the first picture they used marble to surround the tile, it tones down the business of the pattern and pairs so beautifully with the blues and whites. The stone sink is another favorite of mine. I love how nothing in this bathroom really belongs together but it works. You have contrasting natural elements like the hard cement and stone paired with the more delicate wood mirror. Then you throw in the shiny chrome fixture and it adds this whole other element. Simply perfection.

sink2 sink5You know I need a little sparkle in my life. The sinks above that are made of metal are speaking to me. I love that one is super bohemian and the other is classy and elegant. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a hammered metal.

sink8sink1 sink9sink4 Large and sturdy, these utilitarian sinks make a HUGE statement. I think its really cool that a couple of them are long sinks with multiple faucets. It definitely adds some visual interest.


I am totally in love with the idea of repurposing items so I think the sinks above are just amazing. It’s awesome that in all these rooms they played off of the vintage items and used tile and accessories that mesh with the classic feel.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I really love to have fun in small spaces. A bathroom is the perfect place to do something unique and creative because the size of the room usually lessens the impact. Can you imagine walking into a bathroom at a friends house and seeing one of those sinks?! It is such an awesome focal point and will make your bathroom (and home) memorable in the best way possible.

Thanks for checking in : )

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