Layering Necklaces

I have been LOVING the look of layered necklaces lately, especially dainty gold ones. You can easily achieve this look by taking multiple necklaces and layering them together or by buying sets that do all the work for you. I think the look is really feminine and I love that it makes a statement without wearing a huge heavy piece of jewelry. As long as you keep in mind that the necklaces should all have a common element, be it a theme or just the color of the metal, you can really get creative with combining different pieces.


I personally find it very hard to spend a lot of money on jewelry unless it is something that I am going to wear everyday. Even then I’m not one to splurge. I find that I am always misplacing my earrings at night or tossing a ring in a purse and forgetting about it. Even my diamond studs that I wear every day are just the $10 studs from Claire’s or Nordstrom Rack. They get the job done and don’t make me go into total meltdown mode when I lose one (which is inevitable).

I have been searching for some cheap layering necklaces for a while and haven’t come across anything noteworthy. That all changed today when I hit the absolute jackpot in the most unexpected place, Forever 21. I had never thought to check out their jewelry section before and I was really impressed. They had so many different styles and pieces and they were all so ridiculously cheap. I bought 5 necklaces and paid $21. TWENTY ONE DOLLARS. Check out some of their necklaces below that I think would be perfect for layering. Do you have any places that you like to shop for accessories on the cheap?! Let me know!!

Gold Layering



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