Top Design Trends for 2017

Every winter, Pinterest releases the top 10 design trends for the upcoming year on their platform. What I love about this list of trends is that it wasn’t one person or even a small group of people who decided what the trends would be. It was us! Pinterest takes the most reposted and shared pin’s and narrows down some of the top trending styles for the next year. If you remember last year the list included Scandinavian Design, woven wall hangings and geometric tile. So hello, they were spot on. You can re-read that post here.

This year there were a few trends that I expected, a few I love, and a couple that threw me off completely. Keep reading to check out some of my favorites.

Reclaimed Wood

I feel like ever since Joanna Gaines took over HGTV and farm house chic became a thing, reclaimed wood has been huge. This trend definitely didn’t surpise me, but I also don’t know if I would call this a trend. I think reclaimed wood has a bit more staying power than that. Wood is the perfect element to bring into a space because it is textural and brings a bit of warmth. Whether it is being used as an architectural element, as part of the furniture or even a small accessory, I think it brings a lot to a space. This “trend” is definitely one of my favorites on the list.

Acrylic/ Lucite

In my personal opinion, lucite has also been hot for a minute now. In fact, I wrote a post about it last year that you can find here. Lucite really is an incredible material that can work in so many different spaces. Because it is an acrylic it is durable, strong and at the same time really visually appealing. It is the perfect way to add a whimsical feel to a space or to lighten the room up a bit. It is also a perfect material to use in small spots. Because it is transparent the eye travels right through it, giving you the illusion of more space.


Marble Wallpaper

I have mixed feelings about this next trend, but I wasn’t shocked it made the list mainly because marble was so huge in 2016. I love that it is making an appearance again on this year’s list but in a whole different medium. Many people see marble as a design neutral because it pairs so well with many colors, textures and other patterns. This makes it the perfect backdrop and ta-da you end up with marbled wallpaper! I can see this for a cool feature wall in a living room or a bedroom. Maybe even to spice up a little nook in your home. Love this as a trend but I think that it is exactly that, just a trend.


If you are thinking to yourself “what in the world is hygge and how in the world do you pronounce it”, trust me you aren’t alone. I first read about hygge this past winter and it has taken me this long to get a good grasp of what it even means. Hygge is a Danish term that doesn’t have a direct translation in English but you can think of it like the word cozy. For the Danes, it isn’t just a design style, it actually embodies their whole lifestyle. It reflects a feeling of coziness, serenity and calm.

This trend is really all about texture and lighting. When I think of the word cozy I think of being snuggled up by the fire with fluffy socks and a big thick blanket. To nail this trend you need pillows, rugs, blankets and lots of natural and soft textures like sheepskin. You also need mood lighting. I can get why hygge is so popular in places like the Netherlands but I also don’t think it has any real staying power in the US, especially warmer parts of the country. This is a fun wintery trend but if we are talking on a design level (and not a lifestyle) than I am only loving it as a trend.

Indoor Vines

Indoor vines are definitely having a moment. I think this works best in a bohemian space but one of the pictures below shows that it can transition into a more modern space. There are SO many benefits of having live greenery in your home. Aside from the fact that they bring a natural design element into a space they have actual health benefits! Indoor plants help to purify your air and increase the humidity (which will really benefit you in the dry winter months). Over the last year I have made a conscious effort to add more plants to my space and I adore them. I love this trend.

Copper Accents

Copper was huge last year and I think it will continue to be popular this year. It is so striking in baths and kitchens especially when paired with neutrals like black or white. I also think that with a material like copper a little can go a long way. A few copper pans or even copper pendant lights like in the pictures below show that it can have a huge impact on a space. I personally love copper and I don’t think it is too “trendy” but I do understand that in the design world different metals have their moments. At this point in time, it’s definitely coppers moment to shine.

Navy is the new black

I have always loved the color navy so I am loving this one. I think it is a more approachable color than black and can create just as much of an impact but it has such a different vibe. It’s so funny what colors can evoke for you. When I think of the color navy I automatically think nautical, summery and fresh which is so interesting because it is a dark color. Either way, love this trend.

Woodland Nursuries

Is this not the cutest!? Personally, I think nurseries are one of the few times you can get away with doing a really “themed” room so you might as well go for it. This ties in some of the other trends for the year like reclaimed wood and maybe even a little bit of the hygge trend?! Either way I think this is adorable and really fun. It can be gender neutral depending on how you play it which can be important for a nursery. I also think that you could take this theme and create something really relaxing and serene with a lot of natural elements.

So what do you think? Was Pinterest spot on this year? Are there any trends they missed out on? I would love to hear what your favorite trend is or just your thoughts in general. As always, thank you for stopping by and reading along!

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