We’re Moving!!

Today is a very special day because Sam and I are FINALLY getting the keys for our new apartment! Since moving to Boston this summer, we have been staying with my parents, which has honestly been really great. We are so thankful and appreciative that my parents have been so supportive and helpful with our move back home. It has been so nice to stay with them for a few months and get our feet on the ground again. It also made the search for a new apartment so relaxed and easy because we were able to be really flexible.

Now on to the most exciting part, decorating! Moving is so much fun for me because I really enjoy the challenge of making an apartment feel like home. Because this is a rental and there is a limit on what we can change, there are some design elements that we are just going to have to work with. One being the wall to wall tan carpet in the living room. Definitely not my favorite.

However the apartment does have a bunch of redeeming qualities. We have a massive porch that connects our bedroom and living room. Plus each of these rooms has large slider doors that bring in a ton of light. We also have beautiful hardwoods in the bedroom and all new appliances in our kitchen. Most importantly, it was clean. Like, really clean.

We are going to be painting all the walls in the apartment before we move in. Right now, they are a cream color which isn’t awful but combined with the tan carpet it makes the apartment look bland and stale. Since we are working with the carpet, I had to keep that in mind when thinking of a color palette that I wanted to stick with. Sam and I have a beautiful piece of art that we had in our bedroom in Chicago and that we wanted to use again in this apartment. It has a lot of grey and sage green in it, so I wanted to find a way to use those colors but keep the whole apartment cohesive. Luckily most of our furniture is pretty neutral.

Pinterest has been my best friend over the last few weeks while I have been seeking some inspiration. If you didn’t already know, you can search for color palettes on Pinterest by typing a color or two into the search bar followed by the words “color palette”. There are so many beautiful combos to choose from, but here are some of my faves for our new place.

I am so excited that I will be able to share all my ideas for the new place here with y’all. I will be putting up a post soon with some before pictures so you can get an idea of the space and what it looks like currently so stay tuned! Thank you for all your support and for stopping by.

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