Goat Cheese & Roasted Walnut Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette

A few months ago I was having dinner at Assembly in Quincy (you need to check it out if you live in the area) and I spotted this goat cheese & roasted walnut salad on the menu. I have been trying to eat A LOT more greens and the waitress said it was one of her favorite items so I decided to give it a chance.

 You see, I used to be that person that simply could not understand how people actually enjoyed salads. Were people lying when they said that? Was everyone adding some secret ingredient that I hadn’t heard of? When I tried this it shattered all the silly thoughts I’d had before that salads were bland and boring. This is now one of my favorite go-to meals and I had to share.

This is a super simple and easy recipe that you can enjoy for dinner or whip up in the morning to bring to work for lunch.

Side note: learning to make salad dressings at home has SERIOUSLY stepped up my salad game. I also used to be that person who didn’t eat a dressing that wasn’t ranch or blue cheese. I know, I’m cringing as I type this. But we all learn and grow in life and now here I am, making homemade vinaigrettes.

White Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/8 cup white balsamic
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Garlic (raw or powder)

Goat Cheese & Roasted Walnut Salad

  • Mixed Greens
  • Goat Cheese
  • Roasted Walnuts
  • Golden Raisins
  • Quinoa

The best part of a salad, as I have come to learn, is that it is completely customizable. I add quinoa to this salad because 1) it is a super food, a complete protein and ridiculously good for you and 2) because it helps to keep me full for hours. Feel free to go crazy with the toppings or add more of the things you do like and less of the things you don’t.

You do you, boo.

The flavor combination with the smoky roasted walnuts, the creamy goat cheese and the sweetness of the golden raisins is unreal. I have made this salad for so many of my friends the last few weeks and they all have asked me for the recipe after eating it. It’s the perfect summer salad, and now you can enjoy it too!

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