Hello my sweet friends! I am SO sorry for the lack of posts lately. Work has been crazy and I had my parents and brother visiting this past week so I haven’t given the blog as much love as it needs. Sometimes life gets so crazy and I feel like I am just spread way too thin. I know you busy bees probably feel the same way!!

Having my family in town was such a blessing. As I have gotten older, being so far away from them becomes more and more difficult. It is always nice to spend some time reconnecting. We had so much fun exploring the city and doing all the touristy things that Chicago has to offer. We also ate amazing food ALL week long. I was reminded of all the glorious food I had eaten when I slipped on my jeans this morning and found them quite a bit tighter than they were last week. YIKES.

There were a few months after Sam and I moved here that we were really good about meal prepping and working out. I have been slacking lately and now that my clothes are feeling a little more snug I feel more motivated to get back in the gym and back on a healthier eating schedule. Motivation for me is always the trickiest part of jumping back on the health train. I usually try to reward myself with new gym clothes after I have gotten back into a healthy schedule. It always makes me more excited to go to the gym when I have something cute to wear. A few month’s ago I saw an article in Cosmopolitan that was written about Khloe Kardashian and her workout closet. Yes, you heard right. She has an entire closet for her workout gear and it is AMAZING.


3 2All images via Cosmo

 I just died and went to heaven. This closet is what workout dreams are made of. I love that she made working out fun for herself and that creating a closet like this gives her that little extra boost of motivation. To give myself a little boost of motivation I created a workout vision board filled with all sorts of goodies. I’m crossing my fingers that I get back on track soon and can treat myself to some new workout clothes. Hopefully this will help me get my butt in gear!! Links to all the items are below!


Workout Gear
Pullover: here / Socks: here / Sports bra: here / Nike’s: here / Long sleeve shirt: here / Tank top: here / Water bottles: here / Patterned leggings: here / Leggings: here / Undies: here / Headband: here

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