3 Simple & Inexpensive Fall DIY’s!

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Hope y’all are having a fabulous and productive Monday so far. Let’s be honest, is there anything better than a productive monday?! I feel like whenever I get a lot done on Monday it sets the tone for the whole week. I spent the majority of my day running errands and working on my Halloween costume. I will be posting our DIY Halloween costume Wednesday so if y’all want to copy the look you can!

This past week I spent some time decorating my apartment for the fall. Now notice that I did not say I decorated for Halloween. It’s such a waste of money to buy Halloween decorations when you can really only have them up for two or three weeks. The past few years I have really tried to focus on decorations that will last me all through the fall and even into winter! ALL three of these DIY’s can be done for under $50 and they are really simple.

The pictures for these DIY’s may seem a little choppy so I want to explain. When I first set out to do this project I had this lofty idea of filming the whole thing and editing a video so it would be easier for you to follow along. However, as with most of the things I have attempted to do for the first time for my blog, it was much more difficult than I thought and a complete disaster. So much so that I spent last Wednesday night ugly crying to Sam about how disappointed and frustrated I was with myself.


 Yes. That was me. It was a Kim Kardashian level meltdown. I can assure you I looked worse though. I hadn’t taken any pictures during the filming so I was left with really cute DIY crafts and no way to show y’all how I made them. Sam convinced me that all was not lost and that it would be better to take everything apart and do it all over again so that I could share with you. Of course, he was right. So big thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Sam for dealing with the mess he did last Wednesday night and helping me get this post up. I hope that you enjoy these simple fall DIY’s and that they bring as much of the fall spirit to your house as they did to ours.



I love how these came out. I love even more that once December hits I can empty them out, fill them with coffee beans, stick the candle back in and they will be perfect for the winter months. Fun Fact: When you fill a candle holder with coffee beans and then light the candles, the heat will cause the coffee beans to give off a stronger scent. So as much as I love these, I can’t wait until the winter comes! Anyways, back to the fall theme. This is such an easy project. The first thing you want to do is start filling your empty vases with corn kernels.

IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9159 IMG_9158 IMG_9160

Once you have put the desired amount of corn kernels in the vase, stick the candle in and push it down and into the corn so that it stays steady. I poured different amounts of corn into my vases so that they candles would all be different heights. Then you want to just finish pouring the corn kernels in until you reach the desired height.

IMG_9161 IMG_9162 IMG_9163

At this point, take your twine and cut a nice long piece. Then wrap it around your candle a few times and tie it off in a pretty bow.

IMG_9164 IMG_9165

It is seriously as simple as that. These look so pretty on the table in our entry and give such a festive vibe! The best part? The cost! Here is the breakdown for what it cost to make these.

Vases (Dollar Tree): $1 each, total of $3

Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree): $1 each, total of $3

Twine (Michaels Craft): $3.99

Corn Kernels (Mariano’s which is our grocery store): $3.79

Total Cost: $13.78


I am always looking for something cute and decorative to put on our coffee table. This is kind of a spin off of what I used to decorate our table for last fall because I loved these scented pine cones so much. For this project and the next I used gold spray paint. I am a little obsessed with gold spray paint at the moment. I have tried out a bunch of different kinds and my favorite is this one from Rust-oleum.


I started with this white candle tray from Ikea and a fall scented Bath and Body candle. You definitely don’t have to spray paint the candle you are using gold. I chose to because the blue candle just didn’t go with the fall theme. I spray painted the candle, tray, and half of the scented pine cones gold.



Once all the spray painting was done, I placed the candle in the middle of the tray and just started piling the pinecones up around the candle. I started with the bigger pinecones on the bottom and than added the smaller pinecones on top. I also tried to get a good mix of gold pinecones and regular ones so that it was more visually interesting.

IMG_9153 IMG_9154 IMG_9155

The scent these pinecones put out is UNREAL. Especially for the price you buy them for. I had to drive with them for an hour in my car and the scent was seriously giving me a headache. In my apartment however, they smell heavenly. I used these on my dining room table last year and when I threw them out in March they still smelled amazing. This also looks amazing at night. When you burn the candle in the dark it makes the golden pinecones look so magical. I am LOVING this project!!

Tray (Ikea): $4.99

Rust-oleum (Walmart): $3.68

Scented Pine Cones (Walmart): $3.97 each, total of $7.94

Candle (Bath & Body): $12

Total Cost: $28.61

The most expensive part of this project was the candle. If you are anything like me and keep Bath and Body candles stocked at your house, the cost for the other materials is under $20. Also you could always use another type of candle to cut costs!



Last but certainly not least is this adorable Mason Jar Pumpkin. This thing is so stinking cute I just can’t get enough of it. I spray painted it gold (are you seeing a pattern here?!) and it was the perfect addition to my Fall DIY’s.


You can buy the mason jar caps and rings separate from the actual jars (see the box above.) You will need about 20 rings so you will have to buy 2 boxes.You are also going to need gold spray paint, twine, a hot glue gun, and cinnamon sticks for this project. The first thing you want to do for this is lay out all of your mason jar rings and spray paint them gold.


Next you are going to want to start lining them up. Make sure that the lip of each ring faces the same way. This will be important when you are actually shaping the pumpkin.


Once you have a few of the rings lined up you can start running your twine through them.


When you have the twine pushed through all of the rings, hold the twine by each end and you will start to see the pumpkin forming.


Stick your fingers inside the jars and tie a knot so that the rings keep their shape. Then gently spread the rings around until you get the perfect pumpkin shape.


The next step is to take a few cinnamon sticks and stick them into the center of the pumpkin. I started out by putting three sticks in but then realized I could fit a fourth. Once you have figured out how many sticks will fit, take your hot glue gun and cover the bottom 1/3 of the sticks with hot glue. Then stick them right into the center of your pumpkin and hold them until they harden in place.


Voila! Is this not the cutest most simple thing you have ever seen?! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this.

Mason Jar Rings (Jewel Osco, another grocery store): $2.49 each, total $4.98

Cinnamon Sticks (Dollar Tree): $1

Gold Spray Paint (Walmart): $3.68

Twine (Michaels Craft Store): $3.99

Total: $13.65

Don’t forget that if you are making all three DIY’s that you can use the same materials over and over. I made all three crafts for 48.37 including the price of the Bath and Body candle. THATS UNDER $50!! You would easily pay double that if you bought all of these items at target already made.

I am so so so excited for how these turned out. I hope you all love these and get a chance to try making them. If you do, definitely tag me in the pictures or send the pictures my way. I would love to see how they came out.  I have some other Halloween themed posts for you this week. Can’t wait to share them!!

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