Don’t be a Basic Witch

Eeekkk!! I am so so SO excited for Halloween this year. I have been counting down the days and I think it is because I am so excited about our costumes. I have never been the type to just go to the Halloween store and buy a costume because I feel like so much of the fun for me involves actually making one. Plus if you are making your own costume you are pretty much guaranteed that no one else will have the same one. I know that the thought of making a costume seems daunting to most people but I promise it isn’t that hard!!

A key staple for a lot of my costumes the last few years has been a black body suit from American Apparel. Two years ago I was a peacock and just made a colorful tulle skirt to wear on top of the body suit. I stuck some peacock feathers in the waist of the skirt and one in my hair and it was that simple. I didn’t even sew the skirt, I just got a thick ribbon and hot glued the tulle onto it to create a skirt. It was one of my favorite costumes ever.

IMG_2911 IMG_5256

Last year I was minnie mouse and just borrowed a friends minnie ears and threw on a red skirt. The body suit is SO universal it can be used for almost any costume. I’m sorry these pictures aren’t better quality but I had to DIG through old pictures looking for them. It was so funny looking through my old pictures to find these, so many good memories!

I have spent the last few weeks thinking about what I want to do this year and it has been a little bit more tricky since Sam and I decided to do costumes together. I have been obsessing over all of the Halloween makeup videos that my favorite Youtube girls have been putting up (and have forced Sam to watch some of the really cool ones). After seeing them Sam really wanted us to do something that involved painting our faces so we decided to be Skeletons! I figured it would be perfect because we could paint our faces and the costumes would be relatively cheap. We bought him a basic black long sleeved t-shirt from American Apparel and I picked up a turtleneck black body suit.IMG_9188

To get the idea of what the bones should look like I just googled a skeleton. I then took a white eyeliner and traced the basic outline onto the shirts. There really is no wrong way to do this, just be creative! Sam’s was a little more simple to do because my bodysuit had a lot of stretch to it. I realized very quickly with mine that I would have to be wearing it to trace the bones and paint it because otherwise when I put it on it would look stretched out.




Once I got the bones traced onto both of our shirts I just used a white paint to color everything in. I had to do 3 coats of white paint for it to really stand out but they ended out coming out awesome!!



I don’t want to show too many pictures and give away the whole costume, but make sure to stay tuned because I know I will be posting pictures this weekend! Like I said earlier, so much of the fun of Halloween comes from making my own costume. There are SO many easy costumes you can throw together last minute. If you need some ideas you can check out the American Apparel site here, they have a ton of basics that you can use to make a super easy last minute costume!

There will also be one last Halloween post going up tomorrow with links to some awesome makeup videos that are sure to get you inspired.

I hope you have a great day, thank you for reading <3

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