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Happy Monday!!

Can you believe it is November?! This year has FLOWN by. I cannot believe we are officially in holiday season. As I sat down this morning to drink my coffee I started thinking about all that has changed in the past year. Sam and I survived another cross country move together and both started new jobs in Chicago. I thought about all of the new friends I have made here and places I have discovered. Equally as important, all of the trips we have made to reconnect with old friends and the beautiful weddings and celebrations we have attended with loved ones. I started off the day feeling so incredibly blessed.

I also cannot believe that it has been two months since I started blogging. I have already met so many incredible people and been so inspired by the whole journey. I have done a lot of thinking over the past few weeks about this blog and the direction I want to head with it. I also had a come to jesus moment with myself about being more consistent. I have been trying to stick to a schedule where I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday but have found myself missing a few days here and there. I promise I will do my best this month to stick to that schedule so you will know to expect posts on those days. Don’t forget if you follow me on Instagram @noelleloura I always post when I have a new blogpost up!

I wanted to also add a weekly post that is a little different from the norm. There are so many fun things I want to share with y’all that may not constitute a whole blog post and I have been trying to figure out the right format to share these little tidbits. One of the blogs I follow, The Decorista, does a post every Friday called “10 things that rocked my world this week”. She posts personal pictures from her week, fun links and pictures that have inspired her. I really wanted to incorporate something like that on NoelleLoura so I am going to start a “Loving Lately” series.

Even though today is Monday, I wanted to take today’s blog post to introduce the idea and give you a little preview of what it will look like. As always, feel free to comment down below if you have topics that you would like me to explore or something that you would like to see. I am so grateful to have you all here with me.


1. I was so in love with this house that I walked by in the Gold Coast. Such a beautiful house and an even more beautiful display. It doesn’t get any better. Chicago is so magical in the fall.

2. Oriental Rugs. Check out a couple of my favorite new takes on an old classic. Here, here and here.

3. I have been burning the leaves candle from Bath and Body nonstop. The perfect fall candle. You can grab it here.

4. Since it is the beginning of the month I also switched out my wall flowers from Bath and Body. They have so many cute new winter plugs and all of the new winter scents. You can shop them here.


    5. The golden skull I snagged from ZGallerie. It is so chic and fun to decorate with and also ridiculously inexpensive (especially for ZGallerie). I have seen it styled so many cute ways! It is the perfect addition to a bookshelf or dresser.

6. The Indie Pop Pandora station. The PERFECT station to listen to at work during the day. Super upbeat and fun but also appropriate for work.

7. #ChristmaswiththeRobesons !! If you don’t know who the Robeson’s are let me fill you in. They are a mother daughter team out in Cali that are taking over the YouTube world with their awesome interior design & decor tips. Rebecca and her daughter Sharrah both have YouTube channels and in recent years have gotten a ton of attention for their amazing Christmas videos. Now with over 500,000 combined subscribers, they have vowed to wow with their Christmas series this year. Their 25 days of Christmas will feature a series of DIY decor and decorating ideas that are sure to impress. The uploads starting this morning and will continue everyday through the month of November so make sure you are subscribed to their YouTube channels. Click here for Rebecca’s channel and here for Sharrah’s.

8. HALLOWEEN! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend. It was so fun to see everyones costumes and makeup. Sam and I celebrated with friends and had the best time. Our skeleton costumes came out better than we expected and I was so excited to show them off after all the work that went into them. The painting of our faces took the longest but was actually really simple after I watched a few YouTube tutorials. I chose to not paint my whole face because I wanted to still look a little glam, so the half face worked out great. We kept finding skeleton’s everywhere and had so much fun posing with them all night.


IMG_9306         IMG_9315

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