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Very popular in the 70’s, peacock chairs are making a huge comeback. Is anyone else obsessing over all things 70’s lately? Flare jeans, fringe and suede are some of the hottest items to get your hands on at the moment and I’m not complaining! I have been contemplating buying a peacock chair for our living room since I found such a good deal on one on Craigslist. In an attempt to convince Sam that we needed one in our apartment, I showed him this post and tried to explain what a peacock chair was.

His response? “Noelle, my grandma had one of those chairs 30 years ago.”

My response? “She was obviously very stylish.”

Originally brought over from the Philippines, these rattan peacock chairs are currently reliving their glory days. I have seen them styled so many different ways lately and have even spotted them in some pretty fabulous homes. These chairs are definitely a statement piece and have a really boho and whimsical vibe to them. Don’t get it twisted though, they are easier to fit into a space than you would think! Check out some of the pictures below for some inspiration!


Photo via FrenchbyDesign


Photo via TheSkinnyConfidential


Photo via CentsationalGirl
Photo via DesignSponge
Photo via PreciouslyMe

I love that so many people are really embracing the fact that these gorgeous and intricate chairs make great statement pieces. You will notice that many of the chairs you see have been painted bright colors which makes them stand out even more. I also love that each chair is a little different and has it’s own details that make it unique.

How do you feel about the bold impact these chairs make?! Would you ever use one in your home? Let me know below!!

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