New Year, Fresh Air

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When thinking about getting healthy for the New Year, making some ridiculous goal for yourself (like losing 20 pounds) is sure to set you up for failure. We have all been there before and I think most of us know what it feels like to have blown your New Year’s resolution 6
days into January. NOT a good feeling. I have an easy alternative for you that will take less than an hour and will most likely cost less than $20. An indoor plant!!

Aside from the fact that plants bring life into an indoor space, they have some serious health benefits. Plants are constantly producing and releasing oxygen into the air which can make more of a difference than you think. In addition, indoor plants help to remove toxins from the air in your home.

A simple way to make a huge statement in a room is by adding a larger indoor plant, like this fiddle leaf fig. It adds such a fun pop of color and lends an earthy element to any space. Plus, it’s a really cost effective way to make your living space look much more chic and put together.


If you are unsure about how to incorporate plants into your home, or don’t have a sitting area or living room space for one, hanging plants are a great option! Hanging plants are one of my favorite ways to incorporate some greenery into your home. There are 5320478329439 cute ideas on Pinterest for different ways to hang your plants indoors and they work perfectly in tiny kitchens or bathrooms. Look at how cute these DIY mason jar holders are!!

hanging kitchen

This is definitely one of my resolutions for the New Year, and hopefully one that I can stick to!! What do you think!? Do you already have indoor plants or any tips on keeping them alive and beautiful?! Did these pictures inspire you to add some life into your space?! Let me know : )

Photos: LaurenConrad , DomesticallySpeakingTheDesignFiles, TidbitsandWine,


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